Authenticating Christian Louboutin: Fake VS. Real – What to Look For

Many women are terrified of online purchases of Christain Louboutin and other designer shoes alike. The online marketplace for designer goods is ever expanding, even Hardwell Diamonds had to jump in! But when trading a tangible shopping experience for convenience, we lose out on the ability to know that our purchase will arrive as described, and in many cases be disappointed.

There are websites that sell knock-off Christian Louboutin shoes, and it’s easy for these sites to convince the buyer that their product is identical to the real thing. Replica Louboutin’s can also be purchased from third parties or dealers who are ignorant or unethical. Either way, don’t waste your time and money!

Here’s the scary thing: sellers on sites will steal stock images of each model of Christian Louboutin and advertize them. You make your purchase and when your shoes arrive, something’s a little…off. If you’re unsure, ask to receive a quick photo of the item next to a random object of your choice. Harwell diamonds has sent photos of So Kate’s next to an orange, Daffodil’s next to a stapler, and Pigalles with a thumbs up…we’ll do our best to accommodate your picture requests!

With a small education on how to authenticate a pair of Louboutin shoes, you can have confidence to purchase online and snag that killer pair for a much better price.

Fakes are easy to spot. There are many direct differences between fake Louboutin’s and the real designer’s beautiful shoes. Below, we have compiled a list of easy ways to authenticate your Louboutin’s or a pair you’re considering to purchase.

Our authentication department at Hardwell Diamonds received the fraudulent version used below on trade in, and decided it was a great opportunity to do a side by side.

Red Paint: Authentic Christian Louboutin shoes are painted with red paint not coated with red plastic. Most fakes will be coated with a shiny red plastic and will have inconsistencies in the finish or luster of the “paint”.  Authentic Louboutin’s red paint will show scuffed off paint almost immediately when wearing outdoors. When the paint does come off, you should see and feel bare leather.

how to authenticate Christian Louboutins fake vs real what to look for

Font: An authentic signature of the designer will have the “C” of Christian almost touching at the top loop, resembling an almond or a leaf. Replica Louboutin shoes don’t execute the font correctly. Compare using good sources of photos before purchasing.

how to authenticate Christian Louboutins fake vs real what to look for

how to authenticate Christian Louboutins fake vs real what to look for

Sizing: Christian Louboutin shoes are famous for running small and almost always by a whole size.

how to authenticate louboutins fake vs real what to look for

Leather: Authentic Loubies will always have quality leather while replicas are usually plastic and will carry a strong chemical odor. The painted leather sole should crease slightly where the heel meets the rest of the sole.