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Terms and Conditions

Hardwell Diamonds is an independent fine timepiece and luxury goods retailer and is not affiliated with, nor endorsed in any way, by the brands it sells. Rolex watches are sold here as either pre-owned or unworn. Hardwell Diamonds is not an authorized dealer of any of the advertised brands or any of their subsidiaries. Any reference to the brands, registered trademarks, and models belong solely to them.

By navigating HardwellDiamonds.com, you hereby comply with our posted Privacy Policy and Return Policy.  When making any purchase on HardwellDiamonds.com you are required to agree to the terms and conditions of the entire site, including but not limited to our Privacy PolicyRefund Policy and the conditions outlined below:

  • We do not make ANY order changes, including cancellations or exchanges, over the telephone.
  • We do not take ANY credit card information over the telephone.  All orders must be placed through the website.
  • We work closely with our merchant services processors and credit rating bureaus. Any failure to adhere to our terms can negatively affect your credit rating and any outstanding balance will be sent to collections.
  • All intellectual property of this site is protected by copyright law and any behavior that brings harm to Hardwell Diamonds, including theft and slander, will be met with prosecution to the fullest extent of the Law.